Friday, 19 April 2019

Whatsapp fingerprint feature, doodle emoji, group privacy

Social media biggest popular app whatsapp update a new feature to beta version. If you want to unlock others phones, or else want to read their chat messages and screen shot them. Then there is no chance to do that things,

Because in this new update user has to give permission fingerprint to unlock , which means without user fingerprint you cant open and see whatsapp private things.

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Present this update available in beta version but it might be available in other versions also, as per cyber investigation cases most of the people hack, abd share others personal information so, as per user safety whatsapp company add this feature to save users privacy to more secure.

Whatsapp doodle emoji

As we know that present there are so many third party apps provides emoji for whatsapp chat, as per user safety whatsapp introduce doodle emoji feature which means you can send emoji to anyone without download other apps.

By this user can block privacy permission for third party apps which stolen your personal info.  Good feature right...

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Whatsapp group invite feature.

Whatsapp group invite feature what is this...  And how it useful for user privacy

Whatsapp group invite feature avaible in three modes like

Whatsapp new story featured and whatsapp last seen feature.

1. Everybody
2. My contacts
3. Nobody

If you want to join in any group or someone joined in any groupthen you are the decision maker whether you joined or someone forceful joined to any group you have to give permission to them.

To access this feature go to your

Settings -> account -> privacy -> group options like last seen

Everybody (public)
My contacts
Nobody (private) choose any of them.

In everybody any one can add you in any group.

My contacts which means only your contacts friends add you in any group with your permission.

Nobody private which means without your permission others can't add you in any group if they want you to add in anygroup then you have to give them permission to access your profile and add it in groups.

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Final words

So,  this are the new and updated whatsapp features hope you like and useful for you share this information to your friends and family by sharing is caring.