How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account in 2019

How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account in 2019
How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account

Hi techies, as for all my viewers from YouTube and facebook finally i wrote about how to recover disabled facebook account. Before going to start topic please like and support my YouTube channel gadgetssai.  OK coming to the topic



People are always Search to find the solution for facebook disabled account solution. For that we need to follow some tips and tricks with some six sense I mean little brain help 😜

OK first of all we have to know #why facebook ban our account.  For that there are so many questions and answers like facebook new privacy policy conditions,  more fake accounts and so......  On.

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So,  first check your facebook account fallen on which category.  { I strongly recommend don't use fake accounts} there is no use.

Like enter your facebook user id
Mobile number
So you know that whether your account was disabled or not.  Like temp or permanently.



OK coming to topic follow set of guidelines to "recover your facebook account"

Follow this link

Guys I'm telling you this is only work for real accounts not for fake accounts so please stay away fake accounts.

OK let's open above link and ready with any of the below docs or files

Driving licence
Voter ID
Aadhar card
Pan card

Only for genuine account checking purpose

If you are below #18 years old
Carry these

School ID
College ID
Most of the case it's works (99%)

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Becasue facebook want to know whether you are real or fake so arrange any of the above docs.

After open link
Recover facebook account



Follow facebook guidelines as shown in image upload I'd proof and appealing for recover facebook account. Is this process takes more then 2 to 3 days and you will inform that whether your account recovered or not.  If not they also explains what is the problem with your account most of the cases (99.99 %) recoverd so,  best of luck.

If you have any queries regarding this topic feel free to ask in comment section thank you. 

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