Sunday, 24 March 2019

Cuelinks review and guidelines make money with cuelinks

Cuelinks review

Have you ever heard this name Cuelinks YES or NO... Ok Ok for all those who know and who don't know both you will get to know much better about cuelinks in this article OK before going to discuss cuelinks have you read my early post
Cuelinks setup

Make money from short URLs no then read it... It is much related to this topic.

OK coming to cuelinks it is a

" 2 minute setup affiliate program by you can earn money by doing sell merchant URLs "
OK before going to explain above quote
First of all discuss this things

  • What is cuelinks
  • How to apply cuelinks
  • How to promote cuelinks
  • How to make moneywith cuelinks
  • How to withdraw money from cuelinks setup and required details
  • Tips and tricks

OK as a listed above first point what is cuelink...??  As per above information you have some Idea that it is an affiliate marketing program site right... ? OK next how to use this cuelinks which means how we use this cuelinks links. Actually we use direct merchant sites URLs and short these URLs and promote and earn money... But before going to explain about making money what is merchant site does anybody have this doubt rising on your mind don't worry I will explain all things regarding cuelinks merchant site links this are the links where we can promote on our business medium to make money.  OK for all this we have to apply cuelinks account right OK
Here is the link where you can apply for cuelinks account.

Apply here

After clicking this links you win get pop up like this
Cuelink signup

Where you have to submit all essential information as mentioned above and click on sign up.

After creating account you will get one mail from cuelinks to activate your cuelinks account

After login to your account right side you will get options like this

Cuelink menu

Refer and earn

As you all know what is meant by refer as earn right I think don't need to explain this

Cuelinks refer Join

Installations this must be a explaning topic cuelinks offers a wide range of opportunity by you can double your money
Cuelinks faq

Cue widgets

Cuelinks campaign

Android sdk

Cuewords which means you can convert your out sourcing links from your blog gives you money

Cuewidget which means you have to add some widget of merchant site when buyer click on that widget and purchase you will get money

Javascript is same as like cuewords

Android sdk best part as a Android app lover developer I love this feature you can add this sdk key in app and earn money

Checking sample campaign

1. koovs
5.TaTa IQ